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Class–XI Commerce & Humanities With Difference

The true essence of school lies, not in its infrastructure of four walls but its overall purpose of imparting a quality education which includes the art of shaping individual’s personality and preparing him / her to step ahead and aspire for a better life and a high vocational experience as well. Keeping this in mind TSIS has designed its senior level with a certain vision

“Commerce with a Difference”

Humanities only for girls

What Makes TSIS XI & XII Truly Distinctive?

Humanities stream (only for girls) will focus only on the girls to empower them by providing an opportunity to leap ahead in this vast expanse of knowledge.

The commerce students will be exposed to an entirely new experience of practical and a vision of “Earn while you learn” A step towards vocational sphere!

Key features of senior secondary that makes the difference;

  • Practical based learning through activities in Accounts, Economics, Bussiness etc.
  • Digital support of academic content;
  • Frequent visit to important commercial institutions;
  • Focus on individual skill development.

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