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Director's Message

I have spent last 22 years in the field of education. As an educationist, I am very much committed to my philosophy that the role of education is creating an education system where the CHILD COMES FIRST. I dreamt of a school where the child not just excels in academics but is also provided to explore his or her potential in sports and cultural activities. I believe in the genius lurking within every child who can be an engineer, a scientist, a lawyer, a musician or an exceptional sportsperson.
At the Shivalik International School, it is our vision that we indentify the inherent potential of child and to nurture it. A child centric place, TSIS offers spectrum of activities in the arena of academics, sports and cultural leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students. Each of these activities is like the beads of a rosary, tied to a common thread – that of the development of an all round personality of a child.
With the help and active partnership of our parents we envision our students to become tomorrow's leader and hold up the name of their family, school , state and country in some field or other.

Mr Anil Joshi

Managing Director


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